Weekly Methow Fishing Report – Carlton Complex Report

Well it’s been crazy here, my family and I lost our house (but not our home) in a forest fire a few days ago. My family and I are safe and it happened while I was on the water so I have my boats and with all the love and support we have received I feel it of utmost importance to relay my desire to see help brought to all of those who need it as the hardship for some has just begun.

I will be spending my time this week in volunteer mode and may get back to trips after that, right now family and community will come first for a while. That’s right…this fish man is taking some time off the water (so you know it’s bad) will check in next week with ya’ll.

Please if you can find any way to help this community of ours here this is a good way. http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/carlton-complex-fire-relief-fund/206282

See yo back on the water in a while.


Weekly Methow Fly Fishing Report

7-8-14 010

Hot and hot, that would describe the weather and that would as well describe the fishing as of late. Water has been essential not just for a good time but also as a means of keeping ones core temperature down a bit…so kill two birds and all that.

7-8-14 026
The dry fly is the story right now. You can go ahead and bust out nymphs or streamers to whatever degree of success but nothing I’ve seen beets watching surface destruction on the dry fly. I have been starting the morning with stimulators and switching to hoppers as the day progresses. No need for a dropper, most fish will ignore it on the way up.

Resident Redband Trout

Resident Redband Trout

The primary hatches as of late have been Duns, Greens Drakes, Yellow Sallies, Sedges and a few Golden Stones. I like targeting fish in deep back eddies, gentle riffles and slicks with naturals and pounding banks with larger flys.

Green Drake spinner

Green Drake spinner

Speaking as one born and raised here I still find myself surprised at the quality of our trout fishery and excited at its future potential as hook and release continues to mature over population and re-enhancement projects begin to yield their benefits.

7-8-14 027
There were multiple over 20 inchers to the boat this weeks and so many great fish it’s hard to keep track but it is really just getting started as far as this season goes. I have noticed the fish starting to take a siesta around 2pm-4pm (as they should) however even during that time the ones that count seem to have been coming up. Look for mid-day fishing to be a bit slower and for the morning to start right out with drys bright and early.

7-11-14 043
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